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What is Pokmi?

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Who are we?

Pokmi is a French company founded in 2020 by Nils Lataillade, Marco Garniga and Fred Coppula.

Pokmi is a decentralized blockchain-based porn platform powered by a strong community of adults and adult content lovers and powered by its own cryptocurrency, PKN (Poken). An ICO took place at the launch of the project and raised $10.7M!



Who are the creators supporting us?

Many personalities of the adult industry support the Pokmi project

International stars like Abella Danger or Maitland Ward

French stars such as Nephael, Ava Moore, Anissa Kate and many others



What does the blockchain bring to Pokmi?

The blockchain allows both transparency and security.

Through the NFT technology (ERC-721), we offer the opportunity to content creators to publish their content, to keep legal control over it but also to rent or sell it.

NFTs can be rented or purchased by other users.

When an NFT is resold, the creator of the NFT receives royalties (similar to a copyright).



What can I find on Pokmi?

As a user, it is possible to subscribe to the profile of many creators, in order to have unlimited access to their content. Another option is also available, the rental of video by the hour (VOD).

Creators also regularly put exclusive content and objects on sale (lingerie, personalized videos...)

It is possible to buy or rent content by credit card or PKN