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Interested in buying NFT's on Pokmi? It's very easy! 

First, you need to create an account, make sure that your wallet is linked to your Pokmi account and have Pokens in your account. Indeed, Poken is the only cryptocurrency accepted on the platform. Click here to see how to buy Pokens. :) 

Once it's done, you're ready to buy your first NFT 🔥

When you want to buy an NFT, you may face different options: 

- Classic sale: Go to the NFT that you want to buy, and you click on "Make the first offer" if there is no offer yet, you may click on "Offer more than xxx PKN" in the case other offers have already been made:



You will then be able to make an offer: 



The minimum bid on the Pokmi platform is 1000PKN on BSC20 and 50000PKN on ERC20. Your offer will be sent to the owner, who will be free to accept it or reject it. If the owner accepts your offer, he/she will receive the payment and you will become the new owner of the NFP. 

NB: if there is already an offer for the NFT you want to buy, your offer has to be at least 10% higher than the previous bid. The minimum amount will be calculated automatically by the platform.

- Flash sale: for this kind of sale, the owner has already set a minimum price for the NFT. 

See the image below: 



It means that if you want to immediately be the owner of this NFT, you have to buy it at the price that has been set by the owner. As you can see in this example, you have to offer 12000 PKN to become the owner of this NFT. You may also offer a lower bid than the price set by the creator, who will be free to accept or reject it.

- Time Limited Auction: in this case, the creator has set a time limit on the auction.

See the countdown of the NFT below: 



The highest offer at the end of the auction will win the NFT (NB: the creator can set a reserve price, and the NFT won't be sold if the reserve price hasn't been reached at the end of the auction.)  

The Secret Content🔓

On some NFT's, you can see a "Secret" icon. This means that the creator of the NFT has added additional content to the NFP, and this unlock-able content will only be accessible by the owner of the NFT. This secret content can be a: message, photo, video, or a physical item that will be sent by the creator. You will have access to this secret content after purchasing the NFP.🔥

Once you have purchased an NFT you will be able to find it in your gallery.