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You want to join the Pokmi family? Welcome! Let me help you. ❤️

It's very easy! When you arrive on the Pokmi homepage - click on Connect, then "Create an account":



Then put your email address in the dedicated field and set your password. You will receive an email named "Verify Email Address for Pokmi". Just click on the confirmation link to validate your account. 

After that, you will have to do the age verification. This is mandatory in order to access the content on the platform. You have to be over 18 to access Pokmi. 

If you're over 18, click on "I'm over 18" then "Start age estimation" and you will be redirected to our Yoti page. 




To do the age verification, you will have to authorize the system to access your camera. Use a smartphone if possible, make sure you have enough light, remove all accessories (glasses, hat, etc..)

If there are any issues during the process an error message will appear on the page - Clean your cache and cookies and try again. 

If the verification is validated with success, you'll be able to access Pokmi.

Click on "Continue to website", you'll be logged in and be able to navigate the Pokmi platform and discover our sexy, fun, and artsy content. If you like an NFT, you can make an offer to the creator and become the unique owner of this digital art piece! 


If you prefer, you can also connect to Pokmi with your wallet: 



If you chose this option, you will not have to use an email address, and your account will be directly linked to your wallet. However, the identity verification will still be mantadory to access the content, and we will not be able to contact you if you win an auction, receive offers for the NFTs that you own... But you can still create your account with your wallet, and decide later to add an email address to your account :)