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What's an NFT?

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This time, you'll finally understand what NFTs are. You'll even love them! Whether you have a digital wallet full of crypto-currencies or you still don't get what NFTs are, it's necessary to have a little reminder about these famous Non Fungible Tokens.

To put it simply, an NFT is a unit of data stored in the blockchain that allows a digital asset (a work of art, a movie, a photo, a song or even a transaction) to be identified in a certain and tamper-proof way.

Yeah, when you put it that way, it sounds a bit weird. But believe us, there are many reasons to start loving them. We put together a short list of reasons why you'll love to get into this game.

Ultra solid and transparent technology

The first reason to love NFTs is that they are based on blockchain technology. To imagine the latter, imagine a long chain of blocks of information that it is absolutely impossible to modify, since there is no central entity. This makes it possible to have absolute confidence in everything that happens on it since everything is readable, transparent and inviolable. This is almost the opposite of all the computer systems we have known until now. And you can therefore be sure that an NFT stored in it is inimitable because it has been traced from the moment it entered the blockchain, which is what makes it so valuable.


Unique and inimitable works of art

We've all read those crazy stories where a guy thinks he's bought a masterpiece at half price and ends up with an old piece of crap painted by a stranger. With the NFT (or non-fungible token), this kind of scam has no reason to exist anymore. And for good reason, if an NFT has been integrated, it will be extremely simple to recognize and know who created it, who bought it, who sold it, and so on. The same goes for luxury products that can be certified with tokens. No more fake branded sweatpants and handbags with the brand name on them. Now you can even prove you're wearing the real thing.


An ultra ethical world

While it may seem a bit excessive to prove you're wearing real designer clothes, it's important to remember that NFTs are mostly about creating a much more ethical world. One of the best examples of this is Pokmi, we want to make the adult industry more ethical, safer and transparent. With NFTs, no more stolen and resold videos. It will now be possible to produce exclusive adult content, protected and marketed in an ethical way. For that, we have even developed a unique crypto-currency, the Poken, aiming to put this policy in place. Well yeah, content creators and sex workers (SWs) also have the right to be protected and paid properly.


Unlimited creativity

As you can see, the NFT is all about creativity. Whether they are digital artists, musicians, filmmakers, content creators or SWs, the non-fungible tokens encourage them to invent new things, to renew genres, to break codes, to go further and further in inventiveness and creativity. Now that you are safe from plagiarism, misappropriation and theft of your works, you can approach your art with more serenity. Even better, thanks to these technologies, you now know that you will be paid securely thanks to the blockchain.


A world that is waking up

Finally, the last good reason to love NFTs is that it is a very young and fresh sector, where everything is still possible. Appearing around 2017, they have already won over thousands of designers, collectors and buyers around the world. You can become one or the other without too much difficulty, if you have a desire to change the world and make the sectors that interest you more ethical. After all, you too are non-fungible, absolutely unique and impossible to replicate.