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How to buy Pokens on smartphone

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In order to bid on NFTs and view Pok&Play from your favorite creators, it is necessary to own Pokens (PKN), our cryptocurrency. Here's a quick tutorial on the easiest and fastest way to buy PKN 💰


Step 1: Create a TrustWallet Account

1. Go to to install the most recent version of Trust Wallet.

Trust Wallet can be downloaded from the Apple Appstore or from the Google PlayStore.




Open the app in order to create a new wallet and accept the terms of use.




2. Backup the recovery phrase and keep it secure at all times.




Your portfolio should look like this

3. Add the Poken to the wallet

Click on "Add Tokens"

Search it in the research bar, and select the Pokmi token on the network BEP20




Step 2: Buy BNB via credit card

1. Select Buy

2. Click on "BNB Smart Chain"



3. Select the amount, choose a payment provider (here Moonpay), and click next.




4. Follow the steps to pay with your credit card.


By clicking "Next", a new browser tab will open.

These next steps are easy: 

The provider will ask for your email address to send the verification code.

The provider could be legally required to verify your identity.
You'll need to take a few pictures and scan an ID doc.


5. Enter the Card Details

Now, select Credit/Debit Card and enter the card billing address and click Continue


6. Make the Payment

Next, follow the remaining prompts such as OTP verification at the payment gateway.


Step 3 : How to Buy Poken (PKN) in TrustWallet 

1. Click on the "Browser" Tab

2. Go to the URL :


3. Connect your wallet

Choose Trust Wallet.

If you don't see "Trust Wallet" directly click on "More" to find it

You will now have to accept the connection between your wallet and PancakeSwap



4. Go on the "Trade" Tab at the bottom



5. The BNB should be selected, but you have to choose PKN for the lower one

Search it in the tab and click on "Import"




6. Enter the amount of BNB that you want to convert in PKN

Don't forget to leave a certain amount of BNB for the gas fee (transaction fee) so that the transaction can take place.


7. Click on Swap to complete the transaction, and confirm it




Congrats, you finally have some PKN in your wallet !


Step 4 : Connect your Trust wallet to your Pokmi account 

1. Go to in your favorite browser

2. If it not done, create an account, you can follow this Article 

3. Go to your "Account Settings"

4. Click on "Add Your Wallet Address"



5. Select "WalletConnect" and "BSC" for the chain



6. Click on "Connect with Trust Wallet >"

You will be redirected to the Trust Wallet apps



7. Click on "Connect" to validate the operation

Wait until the operation is finished, and come back on your browser



8. On the Pokmi website click on "Sign Transaction in your Wallet"


9. Accept the Signature Request on Trustwallet




10. You have successfully linked your wallet to your Pokmi account!

Congratulations your can enjoy your PKN !